Project Description

Focus on Results


Strategic Thinking

The US Department of Defense has two environmental research programs. One focuses on basic science and the other on the application of science toward the end of technology development and transfer. Since 1995, DoD’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) has published hundreds of reports on innovative technologies developed by DOD’s research programs but has seen very little technology uptake on military bases. Tenfold worked with ESTCP to discover why not, and to devise a strategy to increase technology transfer.

Bridging the Language Gap

After doing our own research, which included interviews with dozens of stakeholders, we developed two distinctly different report formats for two distinctly different audiences: those who had the time and inclination to luxuriate in our observations and those who did not. In the one-page version of our report, we telegraph the problem, the assessment, and the results, underscoring one of our major discoveries: the gulf between the language of science and the language of engineering, a gulf that must be traversed before engineers can make use of what researchers have to offer.

Tenfold provides an outside perspective. The right questions can reveal what’s most important to your target audience.